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Are you fed up with the constant need for replacement of expensive motorcycle parts? With CARAPAKS you won’t have to worry about it. Focus on what you love the most and feel the joy of driving!

About us

Discover the reliable Carapaks parts

If you’ve been afraid to fully test the capabilities of your motorcycle in the most difficult conditions, with CARAPAKS you can finally feel the confidence to do so. Our products are created for both amateurs and professionals of Enduro and Hard Enduro.

The best protection

We know perfectly well which components require robust protection.


We are constantly improving our craftsmanship and our products.

We know our thing

We participate in Enduro and Hard Enduro races.

Highest quality

We sell products that we use ourselves.

Foot Pegs


Foot pegs Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Do you know that professional riders use a -5 mm down / -5 mm back foot peg offset?

At CARAPAKS, we manufacture unique stainless steel foot pegs in various configurations. Moving the foot pegs back tremendously increases the grip of the machine to the ground. Moving the foot pegs down lowers the center of gravity, which greatly improves balance / maneuverability.

CARAPAKS stainless steel foot pegs guarantee a better control of your motorcycle!

Personalized position

Possible adjustment for height, riding style, preferences or even terrain

Well-thought design

Removal of excess mud and increased endurance

Specifically shaped pins

Pins that keep shoes in place

2T Skid

Engine and exhaust

2T Skid Plates with Pipe Guard

Has a significant part of your budget been spent on constant engine repairs and the purchase of appropriate spare parts?

Match the skid plate with pipe guard with brand, model and year of production of your motorcycle and enjoy riding up and over obstacles!

Eventually, you’ll reduce neverending repair expenses. Start tackling challenging obstacles without worrying about your motorcycle.

Durable protection

Highly durable and well-thought construction

Saving money

Protection of crucial components exposed to damage

Less urgent repairs

A greater chance of completing the race with better result



Brake Disc Guards Front and Rear

Brake disc guards are a must-have for every owner of an off-road motorcycle. If you’ve ever run into terrain that is rocky, sandy or in other ways dangerous for your bike, you surely know how it feels to worry about its condition. For good reason, because in such situations there is a high risk of damaging or bending the discs.

Protection against bending

Bent disc = no brakes, which is highly dangerous

Light and highly durable

Made of 7075 aluminum alloy used in aviation

Made for hard conditions

Robust construction tested in the tough conditions of mountain streams



Radiator guards

At CARAPAKS, we design and manufacture not only skid plates, but also radiator guards, which are very important parts of the motorcycle – responsible for absorbing excess heat from the engine block. Unfortunately, the radiator is quite a delicate element, especially its soft ribs, which make the cooling process so efficient. Therefore, we believe that it is worth protecting it properly, at the same time increasing the heat dissipation surface. Not bad, huh?

Protection against denting

Appropriate design ensures protection during a fall

Possibility to add a fan

Most of the guards have a place for a fan

Better cooling of the motorcycle

The aluminum guard absorbs some of the generated heat

Bash plates


Bash Plates

Whether you actively participate in Enduro / Hard Enduro competitions or just enjoy riding your off-road motorcycle, you’ll need a bash plate. It is crucial for off-road rides. Stones, branches and roots make engine damage a common issue.


Perfectly protects the engine from impact from the bottom


A slightly lighter alternative to our skid plates with pipe guard


Aluminum alloy tested under the toughest conditions

Air Filters


Funnelweb Air Filters

Discover the ProLine products by FunnelWeb – profiled, single-layer foam filters, combined with a high-quality gasket. The products are distinguished by their design and the aforementioned single layer of foam, which provides an increased filter surface, significantly extending the period between its replacements.

Optimal air flow

Increased filter surface

Increased engine protection

Great protection against dust, sand and mud

Easy cleaning and replacement

They retain their shape and properties even after repeated washing

Riders’ opinions

What do customers value Carapaks products for?

Our products were created for people who actively participate in Enduro and Hard Enduro competitions. However, hobbyist riders will also find the right parts for their equipment in the CARAPAKS offer! Due to the fact that we design and manufacture our parts ourselves, we care about the opinions of all users, because thanks to them we’ve been improving our products for several years. In order to be able to ensure the best parameters, we use both our own and your experiences.
Foot pegs are very stable, they give me a very good feeling on my bike. I ride the tracks I want without slipping. They also have a very long life, due to their sensational quality. It’s very cool that it’s possible to order foot pegs lowered, moved to the back or in any other way you want. I am happy to ride with CARAPAKS!

Maximilian Spies

Rider @schmicker_racing Photo: @vaiosteve
Tested CARAPAKS foot pegs model -5 mm down / -10 mmm back in the worst conditions of this year’s Italian Hard Enduro Championship and I can approve the excellence of this product. The hardness and increased boots’ grip gives greater confidence on extreme hills and high-speed tracks. The down and back offset helps the rider to balance their motorcycle. I highly recommend them!

Nino Bellomo

Hard Enduro Rider

CARAPAKS is the real deal. Most indestructible skid plate with pipe guard on the market! It brings a lot of peace of mind knowing you have that level of protection.

David Crouse

Hard Enduro Rider

I have used Carapaks foot pegs many times and can strongly recommend them to all Hard Enduro enthusiasts. Thanks to them, I don’t have to worry about losing my grip and I can overcome difficult climbs more easily.
Adam Tomiczek
Enduro Rider

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Main designer


Hi! My name is Damian Konon and I am the creator of the Carapaks brand and an active Hard Enduro #816 rider.

Riding in rough terrain has interested me since I was very young. I bought a motorcycle shortly after starting my first job. Over time, I switched machines to stronger ones and tried myself in races. Although the beginnings weren’t easy, I instantly got addicted to this sport.

Today I know that competitive riding is my true passion. I train, race, gain valuable experience on tracks all over Europe and achieve better and better results.

I am well aware of the needs and pains of both amateur and hard enduro riders. I brought Carapaks to life to provide reliable protection for our motorcycles. I personally test the parts that we create in the toughest conditions – that’s why I am sure that what we offer really does its job.